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About Us


Shanghai Vision Stone Industrial Automation Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Vision Stone Industrial Automation Co. Ltd. Was founded in Sept. 2007. Our main target is providing total solution of factory automation for customer and supporting their business growing and running smoothly in a long term. Our key customer is based on automotive, precision processing, medical equipment and other high-quality manufactory. Meanwhile, overseas projects are our main manufacturing point. Our company has SOHO Design & Development Center and Minhang Production Base.

Shanghai Vision Stone focuses on technology to obtain data and ensure high-quality products and efficient automation. Our solutions serve a wide range of industries, focusing on automotive electronics, life sciences and warehousing packaging logistics needs. Since its establishment, Shanghai Vision Stone adheres to the integrated, standardized and modular design service concept and adopts scientific and effective project operation management. We continuously improve our own team professional strength and service quality, help customers improve capacity, efficiency, quality and business growth targets.

team building

  • Operation Team
    Implementing technical programmer stand in the customer's point of view for customers, to solve any problems arising from the procurement and manufacture with the PDM operation system and the OA office system.
  • Technical Team
    According to the needs of the customer, provide excellent solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Debugging Team
    According to the customer needs, debug products, strive to hand over to the customer perfect products.
  • Sales Team
    To provide customers with business quotes, business signing, project coordination and other high-quality services.
  • After-sales Team
    Establish a perfect after-sales system, timely and effectively to provide after-sales service for customers if there are some problems.
All over the world, deeply loved and recognized by customers. Our business is concentrated in China、Europe、North America. With the continuous development of European and North America businesses, the proportion of business distribution is changing year by year.

Customer Distribution
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Customer Distribution
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Customer Distribution
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Global customers

Corporate environment

Our company has Linkong SOHO Design & Development Center and Minhang Production Base.
  • Design & Development Center
  • Production Base