The new discovery that adding silicone oil can enhance the shrinkage of origami robot!

2019-02-18 801

Three researchers at the University of Bristol have found that dropping a drop of silicone oil on relatively charged ribbons can significantly enhance their self-pulling ability as origami robots. In their paper published in Science Robotics, Majid Taghavi, Tim help and Jonathan Rossiter described their experiments using oil and ribbons and their findings. Origami is the art of folding paper into complex objects - certain types of origami can produce instantaneous animation on the final object. Scientists are already going from

Electric folding crane

Boko Park - Science Popularization: In this new study, researchers say that applying silicone gel to ribbons can enhance their animation ability. One way to move Origami-based robots is to make them out of materials that stick to the robots themselves - ribbons are such materials. Two opposing charged parts attract each other and tend to merge in a predictable, self-zipper manner. So objects connected to them can be affected by the Ribbon zipper itself. In studying the performance of ribbon zippers, researchers found that adding a small amount of silicone oil could increase the strength of the zippers. Using this power, they created more dynamic Origami-based robots.

An Electric Origami Driver Subjected to High Stress

By making robots that hang on hangers, and then adding weight to show this increased strength, the self-pulling action lifts weight. The crane can lift things 1000 times heavier than themselves. They also suggested that their robotic cranes could be used as artificial muscles and as the basis for a new type of robotic Costume - a specialty of researchers.